We pride ourselves in creating luxury vegan and cruelty free products for those who live life by only two rules: Lavish + Loud.

Rich In Color Cosmetics specializes in a wide range of high quality pigmented beauty products. Whether you are looking for soft everyday glam, or sophisticated makeup that will leave heads turning at any event, our brand is always the ideal choice. Our products are formulated and perfectly blended beauty for rich melanated skin tones, but also alluring on any shade range.

It all began when founder, Shalena Maxfield Edwards had an inspirational experience during a beauty industry conference. Having been one of the only two women of color in attendance, an executive in the conference commented that her skin tone was “ in color”. Shalena had a eureka moment that led her to launch what is now known as the Rich in Color Cosmetics brand.  
The Beauty + Brains behind the brand
Shalena Maxfield Edwards has worn many hats in her lifetime. However, what she is mostly known for is her impeccable business acumen. Creative and highly motivated, Shalena has over 15 years of experience as an Executive and Creative Director for top tier beauty brands such as Estee Lauder and Ulta. At the heart of her business is her zeal to understand and cater to every woman’s individuality and unique beauty. 
A devoted mother of five and wife, juggling her business together with family life has been challenging yet enRICHing. Her promise is to create more spaces for growth and representation within the beauty industry for women of color. And to continue to offer top of the market, luxe and diverse cosmetics to today’s modern woman.