A Beauty Brand finally designed
for those Rich In Color

A Beauty Brand finally designed <br>for those Rich In Color

Hello New Rich Girls,

I am so glad you found us! Welcome to the beauty brand that finally has the perfect shades for everyone; the Rich and the Luxe. I know you have been scrolling and wondering how we got this brand started. I wanted to share my dreams with the world while stunting in a fabulous lip. In such a vast industry, can you believe that the perfect lip for me, and many of us, was missing?

Us Rich Girls deserve an amazing Lip Collection:

Here is why:

We needed our shade of Nude

Before Rich In Color, nude didn’t mean ‘nude’ for everyone. Brand after brand was coming out with up to 100 different shades of foundations and lip colors, but nowhere was launching nudes that were meant for those rich in melanin; that's where we come in. Those of us with deeper skin tones deserve pinks, reds, nudes, and everything in between.

For most brands, nude is often described as a light pink-based lipstick. However, this is really only accurate for lighter skin tones. Everyone needs a good nude, and the perfect nude should suit every skin and lip tone. Large makeup brands often negate hues that compliment deeper skin complexions, leaving women with fewer choices. Rich In Color targets where these large brands are lacking and reaches all make-up users.

We deserved Clean product with luxury packaging

Clean brands often don’t have that luxe packaging that catches our eye. When we think of natural and organic packaging, we often think crisp, crunchy, cardboard-style boxes. Something that screams “I’m clean.” I started asking, ‘Why can’t we have clean, vegan, cruelty-free products with luxury, designer-focused packaging?’ As the CEO of a beauty brand, I have always been a sucker for good cosmetic packaging; branding and packaging is what attracts us to a product. However, I found myself constantly disappointed when gorgeous packaging I loved was filled with products riddled with toxic ingredients or ended up being a non-inclusive brand. So I took matters into my own hands--I wanted Rich In Color to provide clean products, infused with rich pigments, and gorgeous packaging…and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Brands STILL miss the mark

Over the past few years, brands were starting to be more inclusive, but were still missing the mark on inclusivity of blush, lipsticks, highlighters, and other products that are hard to come by for melanin-rich skin tones. I wanted to create wearable highlighters (that will be back in stock soon!), wearable pinks, nudes, berries and reds for every skin tone. I know women with deeper skin, like myself, deserve more than berries and browns. Even though those are beautiful, nothing feels better than the perfect pink. Rich In Color supports diversity and inclusivity. Everybody deserves to live lavish and loud!

My experience made me BUILT for this

After over 16 years in the beauty industry as a top-selling Account Executive, I began to see the missed opportunities by large brands. My focus was business, beauty, skincare, management, strategic planning of events, high sales goals, ROI, making millions for other people, etc. It was finally time for me to harness all of my knowledge and skills to create a brand that I felt could achieve the goals our industry was lacking.

The need for Lavish + Loud

Our mission is to be Lavish + Loud and Rich in Color. Clean does not have to mean lacking luxury. Luxury does not have to mean unaffordable. Affordable does not have to mean skipping out on the pigment. With Rich In Color, we do not sacrifice anything. We create only the highest quality products that provide an exceptional look for all women, all while maintaining a healthy price point. (Lipsticks are $22 retail!). From my family, to my clients, to creating a lavish, inclusive environment, there are countless reasons why I pour my heart and soul into Rich in Color Cosmetics. You’re going to love everything we have in the works because it will never be short of pigment or gorgeous packaging.

‘Till Next Time my Lavish Rich Girls

Xo, Shalena

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Where in the WORLD is RIC